Choosing the Right Blade: Technical Advice from Moreschi S.r.l.

In the world of industrial cutting, selecting the right tool can make the difference between acceptable performance and excellent production. With our team of technical experts, Moreschi S.r.l. offers personalized consultation services to identify the most suitable blades for our clients’ specific cutting and production needs.

But what crucial information do we need to provide accurate advice?

Knowledge of the Machine: It is essential to understand the type of machine being used: whether the cut is static—single or multiple—or flying with a single or double blade, or if it is orbital. Controllable parameters such as cutting speed and feed rate are fundamental. When choosing a blade, it is also important to know whether it is possible to vary the blade’s diameter, thickness, and tooth number.

Details of the Material to be Cut: Every material has its own peculiarities, from chemical composition to hardness, from tensile strength to dimensions and shape. It is important to know if the blade must cut on the edge or the straight side of the material, if the piece to be cut is hollow or solid, and whether the cut is with or without internal scarf.

Specific Needs of Our Clients: To offer a tailored solution, we need to understand our clients’ production priorities. Is high volume in a short time crucial? Or is a perfect finish the primary concern? Maybe balance between the two? It is also helpful to know if there have been issues with previously used blades or if there are any desired improvements.

With a wide range of options, from blade body to geometry, from cutting thickness to the number of teeth, Moreschi S.r.l. offers a vast selection of tools, including various PVD coatings.

Are you sure that the tool you are currently using is providing the best possible results? With our specialized technical advice, we can help you optimize your cutting operations and improve your productivity.


Getting Ready for Tube Düsseldorf 2024

At MORESCHI Srl, we’re eagerly preparing for an important event – Tube Düsseldorf 2024 This year we will showcase some of our latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions. But that is not all; we’re also focusing on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our booth will be more than just a space to display our products. It will feature furnishings and decorations crafted internally from recycled production waste. From repurposed materials such as metal sheet used in blade cutting, which now adorn our separé, to creatively upcycled table tops, the unconventional design embodies our commitment to sustainability and our dedication to innovation. Please take a look at some of the moments of the preparation.

We invite you to join us at Tube Düsseldorf 2024 at our booth Hall 6/C09.

Nothing left by Chance at Moreschi s.r.l.

Welcome to our inaugural blog post, where we delve into the symbolism behind our logo. While it may seem like a mere visual design at first glance, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Our logo features our brand name with a distinct figure positioned atop it. This figure symbolizes the shape of a machining chip and boasts a unique chromatic composition spanning from red, orange, yellow, green, to blue.

The colors were meticulously chosen. In the accompanying image, you’ll find an enlarged simulation using FEM 2D (Finite Element Method), depicting a tooth entering a piece of steel. The resulting part breaking off represents the chip, with colors indicating temperatures. Blue denotes room temperature, while red signifies heat at approximately 450°C. Intermediate hues like light blue (163°C) and the transition from green to yellow (307°C) signify temperature variations. Upon zooming in, a vertical color bar reveals areas of heightened heat generation, occurring after approximately 550 steps.

This attention to detail isn’t limited to our logo alone. It extends throughout our production processes, where every aspect is meticulously considered to ensure precision and quality in all that we do.

In the upcoming series of our blog posts, we will cover various topics concerning technical information, maintenance of saw blades, and other curiosities about our company. Stay tuned for more insights!